Broomfield Announces Dispensary Lottery Winners in Face of Another Lawsuit – Westword

Broomfield’s first three dispensary licensees were picked through a lottery selection last week, but now the city is facing a lawsuit from an applicant who was rejected from the lottery.

Recreational marijuana sales were approved in Broomfield nearly a year ago, but the dispensary-licensing process stalled after a lawsuit was filed against the City and County of Broomfield alleging an unfair application process. That lawsuit was dropped after Broomfield altered the process, which culminated in a lottery on February 22, when numbered balls were drawn. Of the fourteen applicants, ten were approved for the lottery by a selection committee, and Buena Suerta Company LLC, Magnolia Road and LivWell Enlightened Health were named the winners.

But four days before the lottery, City and County Attorney Nancy Rodgers says that the Star Buds dispensary chain had filed a Rule 106 lawsuit against the city. Typically an appeal against a lower governmental body’s decision, a Rule 106 lawsuit often aims to overturn project approvals. Star Buds also filed a motion for a temporary injunction “in an attempt to stop the scheduled lottery” hours before it took place, she adds, but that motion was denied.

Despite the pending lawsuit, Broomfield plans to move forward with the licensing. “Broomfield

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