Bud on a budget: 5 ways to get great weed deals in Michigan – The ‘Gander

Worried that you might break the bank when it comes to balancing an expensive holiday season? Here’s your guide to budget-friendly blazing on your cannabis adventures.

MICHIGAN—Welcome to the season of overspending. It’s bound to happen with all the holidays, end-of-year events, and timeless Michigan traditions that keep you on your financial toes (Bronner’s, anyone?).

With that in mind, we’ve got the scoop on how to find the most affordable cannabis goodies around so you can shop guilt-free while still taking advantage of the gift of ganja.

Here’s five easy steps to finding the cheapest goods around Michigan during the holiday season:

1. Keep an eye on local shop specials (Photo via Unsplash)

The first rule of budget-friendly cannabis shopping is to stay tuned to the latest deals and discounts offered by local dispensaries. Many dispensaries in Michigan run daily or weekly specials on different products like flower, edibles, or concentrates. If you’re in southeast Michigan, one place you have to keep an eye on (because they have specials around the clock) is the Monroe-based dispensary at Weedys.com. They have one of the best discount programs around with the promise of curbside pickup ready in 15 minutes. You

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