Budget-Friendly Marijuana Lines Are Invading Dispensaries … – Westword

Katt Williams’s joke is over fifteen years old, but it still rings true for many marijuana users: “I need regular weed. I don’t want shit with a nickname. Not thrilla, killa, salmonella — none of that shit.”

Believe it or not, most people who smoke weed don’t smell garlic, baked goods or candy when they sniff weed. They smell…weed. And for the masses still toking out of one-hitters and joints, major cannabis companies are banking on a return to simpler times as inflation restricts dispensary shopping budgets.

Schwazze, a Denver-based pot corporation that owns Emerald Fields and Star Buds dispensaries in Colorado, just announced that is releasing Every Day Weed, or EDW, which is essentially a bag of pre-ground mystery pot. Similar to a pouch of loose tobacco sold with cigarette papers attached, EDW is “lightweight, portable, convenient and comes with its own custom pack of rolling papers,” according to Scwhazze.

Each variety is simply named “indica,” “sativa” or “hybrid,” with no actual strain names attached, and the product, only available in Colorado at the moment, is expected to carry a lower price tag than premium or mid-shelf flower. However, research shows that price point and THC potency are the two

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