Bud's Goods, Watertown's Second Cannabis Dispensary, Opening Soon – Watertown MA News

Bud’s Goods Bud’s Goods, Watertown’s second marijuana dispensary, will soon be opening on Pleasant Street.

Watertown’s second recreational marijuana dispensary will open soon on the west side of town. Owners want it to have a homey feel and it will be the only “small cannabis” operator.

Bud’s Goods could open as soon as the week of May 16, 2022, but won’t get final word from the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission until 48 hours ahead of time. The dispensary is located in the mixed use development at 330 Pleasant St. in Watertown.

Founder and CEO Alex Mazin said the theme of the Watertown store is “Bud’s House.”

“You walk in and get your ID checked on the porch. When you go in first you go in the kitchen — we call it the pantry: consumables, drinks, edibles,” Mazin said. “Then you go into the library, this smokeables: flowers, vapes, pre-rolls, concentrates. Then you go into the living room: accessories, merch and apparel. The fourth and final room we call the great room, where the purchases and transactions take place.”

The journey to opening day has been a long one, Mazin said.

“We’re excited to open this store, for

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