Building Technology To Protect The Cannabis Supply Chain

Since 2010, when I first started doing legalization work in Colorado, few big technology companies have been willing to openly step up to the plate and service licensed cannabis businesses. That encouraged a new breed of startups to build technology to address those needs. And one of the things they’re learned in the past decade of experience is: supply chains are not resilient. Supply chains have been pushed to their limits across the globe during the pandemic, but the cannabis industry has faced these challenges for years.

“Supply chain, specifically the regulation and compliance, is a gigantic source of risk for this industry. But it’s not the only risk. Our modern-day supply chains are a mess. We’ve got port congestion, staffing shortages, trucking delays, and COVID-related challenges,” said Ashley Metcalf, Associate Professor of Operations at Ohio University. “You can never eliminate risk, especially in this industry, but the best way to manage it is to use technology and automation.”

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