Businessman shares backstory behind opening medical marijuana dispensary in Tupelo – WTVA

TUPELO, Miss. (WTVA) — Mississippi has awarded licenses to at least ten businesses to open medical marijuana dispensaries in Tupelo.

One of them is Green Magnolia Dispensaries, and Joe Kea is a co-owner.

A college roommate who died of pancreatic cancer is the motivation he cited for getting into the business.

“A lot of the reason we are doing this because of how we saw him suffer,” Kea said. “He was in Texas at the time and unable to get THC products.”

According to Kea, his roommate’s quality of life improved when his oncologist prescribed THC products.

“The doctors in the state, if they are honest with themselves, owe their patients every chance to improve their quality of life, and this can do that for some of them,” Kea added.

Kea said one of the biggest struggles in opening his locations was the proximity laws.

Dispensaries are not allowed within 1,500 feet of churches or schools. 

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