CA Lawmakers to Vote on Bill to Extend Temporary Cannabis Cultivation Licenses

The California Senate is scheduled to vote on Thursday on a bill that would extend temporary licenses for thousands of cannabis cultivators waiting for their permanent license applications to be approved. The measure, Senate Bill 67, was introduced by Democratic Sen. Mike McGuire in January and approved unanimously by a Senate committee the following month.

Nearly 2,000 temporary cannabis cultivation licenses have already expired, with thousands more set to suffer the same fate in the coming months, according to Jacqueline McGowan, the Director of Local Licensing and Business Development at K Street Consulting in Sacramento.

“SB 67 would extend temporary licenses for anyone that is regulated by the Department of Food and Agriculture,” McGowan said in a telephone interview with High Times. “The agency was inundated with a large amount of temporary license applications at the end of last year and they have been overwhelmed and unable to process those applications in a timely fashion.”

McGowan said that is a dire situation for California’s legal cannabis industry and has described the potential calamity as an impending “extinction event.”

“We have 3,996 licenses that are set to expire this month,” she said. “That’s almost half of the licenses that are currently

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