Cabazon dinosaurs will be fewer than 1,000 feet from cannabis dispensary – Press-Enterprise

Cabazon’s iconic dinosaur statues will be roughly three football fields away from a cannabis dispensary after Riverside County supervisors approved an Inland cannabis chain’s latest location over the statue owners’ objections.

Moreno Valley-based Empire, which runs dispensaries in Jurupa Valley and San Bernardino, got the OK Tuesday, Nov. 16, to open a dispensary in a boarded-up restaurant about 700 to 800 feet from Mr. Rex and Dinny, who are visible from the 10 Freeway and have appeared in movies such as “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.”

The statues’ owner, World’s Biggest Dinosaurs Inc., opposes the project. The county’s cannabis ordinance bans dispensaries near places where children gather, and the dinosaurs are a popular family attraction.

Denise Kanter, World’s Biggest Dinosaurs president, told supervisors Tuesday that the county’s cannabis ordinance is meant to protect children, whether they’re on public or private property.

“By allowing the marijuana business to violate our private property rights … we will have no protection to prevent another adult business like a strip club from locating at our park and using our parking lot,” she said.

The dispensary would share parking with the statues and other businesses. Kanter also raised the issue of who would be liable if a

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