Calgary Dispensary in Dover Offers Delivery, Pickup – Digital Journal

Dank Cannabis Dispensary of Dover, Calgary, is revamping their website to create a new online ordering system shopping for cannabis delivery. Dank Cannabis Dispensary is one of many dispensaries that began offering same day weed delivery after a recent law change in Alberta that allows cannabis delivery by licensed dispensaries, instead of the previous system, where the provincial government managed the only online store allowed to sell cannabis products for delivery.

This change was a part of a recent effort by the Albertan government to reduce the responsibilities of the provincial government so they can do the things the government really needs to do more effectively, and thus be a more helpful government for all Albertans. One focus of the effort was on minimizing red tape and encouraging job creation, and by allowing the already licensed cannabis dispensaries to offer weed delivery instead of trying to manage this type of store themselves, the government of Alberta has reached both goals at once. Since the change was announced, many dispensaries have been lining up new fleets of delivery staff, including Dank Cannabis and their Dover dispensary. Weed based retailers expect an uptick in sales now that customers are able to order

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