CalGreen Medical Goleta Dispensary Offers RMR Legacy Smalls … – Respect My Region

The homies over at CalGreen Medical have operated one of the best Goleta dispensary options for quite some time. Their manager and buyer, Louie, has been supporting RMR and I since the day we were first introduced. Shoutout Shane over at Alive & Well for the plug to a real local legend.

Now, the story for RMR’s Legacy Smalls product is actually pretty short and sweet.

Mitch and I talked about creating this line of cannabis and that I should ask the buyer/friend contacts in my network for some feedback. I immediately went to Louie over at CalGreen Medical and asked for his advice and perspective. If you know this dude, you know he’s as genuine as it gets. He kept it real and let us know a solid price point that was always in demand, and said if we did our thing and made it come to life, he would support it.

Having worked with the CalGreen team for a few years now, and Louie specifically, we were super excited to hear that he was down to rock with us.

Fast forward to today, the CalGreen dispensary actually supported on our initial debut into the

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