California Cannabis FAQ

Even though California has been issuing cannabis licenses since January 2018, I still get the same questions around cannabis regulatory, corporate and transactional items even from seasoned California cannabis licensees. This post constitutes a California cannabis FAQ list for readers with common California cannabis questions.

Who can own a California cannabis business?

Literally anyone at this point can own a California cannabis license, as long as you don’t work for the State of California. We don’t have a lot of barriers to entry when it comes to state licensing. Unlike other states, California doesn’t automatically knock people out for a criminal record. Regulators of course take that into account and make the call at the time of licensing, but it’s not an automatic out. We also don’t have a state-mandated residency requirement and foreigners (as well as foreign entities) are also free to participate.

Can I transfer my California cannabis license?

No. State licenses are not transferable. If you want to “acquire a license”, you must do so through a change of ownership of the licensed business. California has a pretty strict protocol on how this is done under its regulations.

As a licensee can I lease or sublease my

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