California Cannabis: Welcoming a Shift Away from Local Control

It’s no secret that, among California’s many cannabis industry issues, local control continues to stymie the success of the Golden State’s industry. In this, California is not alone– most cannabis is all local.

However, after these mid-term elections, there appears to be a bit of a California cannabis local control shift. That’s a good thing. The preservation of local control is not unusual in cannabis-friendly states; cities and counties are free to regulate or ban cannabis businesses within their borders pursuant to police powers.

However, when the majority of cities and counties end up banning cannabis businesses, the illegal market rages on and legal access becomes a problem. With the 2022 midterms behind us, the California cannabis local control shift indicates that some large, key cities and counties are opening up for cannabis businesses.

L.A. County

Back in August, I wrote about the cannabis tax measure in L.A. County. A copy of the ballot measure can be found here.

L.A. County plans to allow the following businesses in in its borders in 2023:

25 retail 25 delivery 10 cultivation (indoor or mixed light only) 10 distribution 10 testing licenses.

Priority goes to equity applicants. For a County with 9

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