California Eradicates More Cannabis During Q1 2023 Than Previous Quarter Despite Serving Fewer Warrants

California’s Unified Cannabis Enforcement Taskforce (UCETF) during the first quarter of this year seized more than $52 million in unlicensed cannabis and cannabis products and eradicated 43% more illegally grown plants (52,529) than the previous quarter (29,687) despite serving 30% fewer search warrants.

During the quarter, which ran from January 1 to March 30, the UCETF seized 31,912 pounds of cannabis. In all, the taskforce seized $52,644,200 worth of cannabis and cannabis products throughout the quarter.

In a press release, Bill Jones, chief of the Law Enforcement Division for the Department of Cannabis Control, said the results speak to the UCETF’s “effectiveness and will help support the legal cannabis market.”

“As the DCC Law Enforcement Division focuses on illegal indoor cultivations, unlicensed dispensaries, and unlicensed manufacturing and distribution operations, the multi-agency, cross-jurisdictional approach of UCETF allows us to leverage the expertise of each participating department to disrupt a broader scope of illegal businesses.” — Jones in a statement

The UCETF also seized 87% more cash in the first quarter ($95,646) compared to the previous quarter (12,602). The operations uncovered fewer firearms – four total – than the previous quarter (9).

Since 2022, UCETF has

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