California’s Cannabis Lounges and Assembly Bill 374: Food, Fun, Weed

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As California continues to pioneer in the cannabis industry, a new trend is taking the scene by storm: cannabis consumption lounges. These lounges are becoming the ultimate hangout spots, and the latest buzz is about adding food and non-alcoholic drinks to the menu. Let’s dive into what’s happening with consumption lounges in California and how they’re looking to integrate food and beverages for an even better experience, through proposed legislation known as Assembly Bill 374 (“AB-374”).

What’s a cannabis consumption lounge?

Think of a cannabis consumption lounge as the cool new spot where adults can legally enjoy cannabis products in a social setting. These lounges, unlike retail dispensaries, let you kick back and consume cannabis on-site, much like a bar does with alcohol. Whether you’re in West Hollywood or San Francisco, some cities are all in on this idea, while others are still warming up to it.

Cannabis-friendly cafés: already a thing in California

Yes, cannabis-friendly cafés are already a reality in California! West Hollywood started the trend in 2018 with its cannabis lounge program. Imagine enjoying tacos, burgers, or wings while choosing from a menu of pre-rolls, edibles, infused beverages, or concentrates. These cafés

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