Can I Bring Weed out of Canada?

On October 17, 2018, Canada became just the second country on earth to legalize cannabis for adults. Now, anywhere within the borders of the 3.8 million square miles of land that makes Canada the second-largest country by area—in addition to being the country with the highest prevalence of cannabis use—adults aged 18, and in some places 19, can legally buy, possess and consume weed. And if you aren’t one of the nearly 37 million people that live there, you’ve probably thought about taking a little trip to see what life is like under legalization. Or if you’re already there, maybe you’re looking at a couple grams of leftover flower next to your boarding pass and packed bag and asking yourself, “can I bring weed out of Canada?”

It’s a good question. And one you might be considering if you’re traveling back to a place where you can’t legally obtain cannabis, or if you’re a medical cannabis patient or caregiver, or just someone who’s having a hard time gifting; or worse, tossing the weed you didn’t have the chance to enjoy before the end of your stay. Deep down, you probably already know what the answer is. But isn’t there some

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