Can NYC’s Weed Experiment Survive? Terp Bros Fight For Equity – Cannabis & Tech Today

New York City’s quest to tackle cannabis legalization has been daring, innovative, and simultaneously convoluted, weakly constructed, and misleading. The Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) is New York State’s governing body for legalization. Its primary focus is racial justice and social impact.

Recipients initially received provisional Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary licenses (CAURD) in November of 2022. All were chosen by OCM. They had to meet strict regulations the state created to give back to the victims most affected by the war on drugs.

The guidelines are lengthy and applicants must provide documentation showing they are “justice” involved. Furthermore, applicants must offer proof of where the individual who was convicted of the marijuana-related offense lived at the time of their arrest/conviction, and proof of ownership and control of a qualifying business.

The initial six and then eventually, 30 CAURD winners experienced the greatest feeling of all, the thrill of victory. Part of the requirements to qualify for a CAURD license is that applicants were convicted of a cannabis offense and served time in New York State. 

When OCM announced the winners in late 2022, most CAURD winners felt relief and joy; families’ lives shattered from incarceration were now at the

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