Can the Covid 19 coronavirus be treated with CBD?

First of all, Covid-19 is just one coronavirus of many. Nevertheless, known to be fast-spreading, Covid-19 is infecting quite a few people, many with vicious effects. Cases have been reported several states, with New York emerging as ground zero. Medical cannabis has been deemed dispensaries essential business in FloridaOhio and Illinois. If access to cannabis based oil is not an option, CBD oil might help you avoid catching it or to recover from it if you do catch it.

The vast majority of those who are infected will suffer relatively minor symptoms. The main symptoms include a fever and a cough. Some cases will involve colonic issues.

If the Coronavirus hits you really hard, you might suffer some very unpleasant asthma-like symptoms that result in difficulty breathing due to inflamed, mucus-coated lungs. If you’re already dealing with lung issues such as asthma you need to be extra vigilant.

The media frenzy surrounding Covid-19 is another type of virus. Symptoms of this virus include:

  • Anxiety
  • Panic
  • Fear/stress
  • Depression

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