Can Utah Groups Compromise on the State’s Medical Marijuana Initiative?

Just weeks away from the November election, proponents of Utah’s medical marijuana initiative and groups campaigning against it have been meeting to formulate policy should the measure succeed at the polls, according to media reports. Representatives of the Utah Patients Coalition, the group supporting the initiative known as Proposition 2, and opposition group Drug Safe Utah are expected to announce an agreement at a press conference on Thursday.

On Tuesday, Michelle McOmber, the CEO of the Utah Medical Association and a vice president of Drug Safe Utah, told local media that her group was involved in negotiations that produced a compromise “we feel would be much safer and still be compassionate and answer the needs of patients.”

McOmber said that the agreement was reached “based on the safety of Utah, and the safety of kids, and the safety of patients,” and that it would implement “some of the better practices from other states.”

“It’s a process that we really just had to sit down and hammer out,” she added. “It’s basically a Utah solution.”

Proponents Confirm Compromise

DJ Schanz, the director of the Utah Patients Coalition confirmed that a “tentative agreement” had been reached.

“We have come up with a

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