Can You Get Rich Operating a Cannabis Dispensary? – Green Entrepreneur

Do you ever wonder how much a cannabis retail store makes? Guess what; many other people also do. As a result of the unprecedented growth in the cannabis retail business, people have become increasingly interested in starting a cannabis dispensary and the possible profits you can make as a dispensary owner. If you have ever wondered about the dispensary business, then this is an article for you.


In this article, we try to answer these questions, and also how much a franchise dispensary owner makes, the yearly cost of running a cannabis dispensary, other important costs you might incur while running the business, and a little on how to make the business profitable. Let’s get into it.

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How much does a cannabis dispensary owner make?

Retail store owners earn on average between $250,000 dollars and $450,000 a year, but a small percentage of these businesses makes up to and over a million dollars a year. The average cannabis retail store produces around $2 million yearly in sales with a 12% margin in profit. The current federal 280E tax code makes profits shrink quickly in

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