Can you smoke a joint at the Hollywood Bowl? And other burning … – Los Angeles Times

Several months ago, as part of a first-timer’s guide to visiting L.A. dispensaries, I asked canna-curious readers to send in questions about navigating the wild and woolly world of weed in Southern California. Here, in a nod to the upcoming 4/20 observance of all things herbal, are answers to a handful of the best queries that have rolled in to date.

The topics tackled here range from social sesh options for retirees (high tea, anyone?) to what happens when a dog meets stash (nothing good) with stops at LGBTQ-run dispensaries and the Hollywood Bowl along the way.

When we go to the Hollywood Bowl, there is a smoking area. Can I fire up a joint there? — A.B.

The Los Angeles Philharmonic manages the Hollywood Bowl but doesn’t own the property, according to a representative for the organization.

(Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times)

You might be surprised to find out that smoking is actually allowed in not just one but three designated areas at the Hollywood Bowl — all of them closer to the venue’s parking lot than to the stage. You also might be surprised to learn that the house rules and code of

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