Canadian Girl Guide Capitalizes on Cannabis Legalization With Cookie Sales

A Canadian Girl Guide capitalized on the legalization of cannabis in her country by selling cookies to consumers waiting in line for legal pot. Elina Childs, a 9-year-old girl from Edmonton, Alberta, sold a wagonload of Girl Guide cookies outside a cannabis dispensary in just 45 minutes.

Elina’s father, Seann Childs, said the family had been trying to come up with a new way to sell the confections.

“We’ve sold cookies in the neighborhood before with her and it’s door to door. People aren’t home. There’s dogs and everything else,” said Childs. “We thought, ‘Where can we go to sell them?’ It just so happens that legalization was coming up in a couple of days.”

So on Wednesday, the day recreational cannabis sales became legal in Canada, Elina filled her wagon with three cases of cookies and headed to one of Alberta’s six cannabis dispensaries.

“It was well received,” said Childs. “People thought it was awesome. There were people telling her she was doing a great thing, that it was very innovative. There were cars stopping on the street to buy cookies from her. It was really something else. I’d never seen anything quite like that.”

After only 45 minutes of selling

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