Canadian Law Firm Distributes Car Air Fresheners Ahead of New Stoned Driving Laws

A Canadian law firm is distributing promotional car air fresheners to publicize new stoned driving laws that go into effect soon. The air fresheners were sent to clients of Acumen Law, a firm that specializes in impaired driving defense. The firm’s logo, phone number, and website address are printed on the air fresheners. A letter mailed with them encourages recipients to “place the Acu-freshener in your pocket so you smell fresh and delightful” if pulled over or are approaching a sobriety checkpoint, according to media reports. With the air fresheners, “you have our 24-hour phone number handy,” the letter notes.

Beginning December 18, police in Canada will be able to request a breath sample to test drivers for impairment during any lawful stop. Currently, officers must have a reasonable suspicion of impairment. Paul Doroshenko, a defense attorney at Acumen Law, said he believes the new law is going to cause confusion.

“The police are going to just make random demands for samples, and a lot of people understand the concept of the reasonable suspicion that they don’t have to blow unless the police officer has a reasonable suspicion,” Doroshenko said. “They’re going to find themselves in circumstances where they do not understand that

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