Canadian Officials Not Concerned About Organized Crime in Legal Cannabis

Those worried about the bad guys investing in Canada’s fresh new legal weed system may rest easier now that the federal government has released a memo dismissing the notion as a major issue. Through the Access to Information Act, the National Post obtained documents—some addressed to the Public Safety Canada deputy minister—that state, “The potential for organized crime to invest in the legal cannabis market through offshore tax havens exists, but does not appear fundamentally different from the potential for such investments in any and all sectors of the economy.”

The documents suggest that nine Canadian federal agencies were swayed by media suggesting that black market forces were investing in the country’s cannabis industry. Their concerns echo calls for transparency raised by the country’s Conservative politicians in the face of legalization. The memos’ response? A firm “forget about it.”

“Given the government’s stated objective to strictly regulate the cannabis industry, there does not appear on the surface to be any strong pull factors for organized crime to invest in this sector, as compared to any other sectors,” one memo stated.

The Illicit Market is Still a Concern

Currently, officials may be more concerned on how to tamp down Canada’s still-thriving

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