Cannabis and Code: Generative Art Show Takes Over NYC’s ‘Luxury’ Dispensary – Decrypt

Premium cannabis, designer clothes, and NFTs—not the belongings of a well-off Manhattanite, but rather the goods on display at Gotham, one of New York City’s budding dispensaries.

In collaboration with Bright Moments, the NFT art gallery with a presence that spans from Venice Beach to Tokyo, Gotham hosted a live minting on Tuesday. Attendees could claim digital art and peruse the store’s panoply of high-end goods.

The event showcased generative art from Jimena Buena Vida, Bright Moments’ current artist-in-residence. Pieces from her Ethereum project “Epiphanies” were displayed across several screens on a mezzanine toward the back of Gotham’s store, which is billed as NYC’s first “luxury” cannabis dispensary.

While cannabis and NFTs may sound like an abstruse combo, Gotham’s Chief Creative Officer Billy Richards told Decrypt that the firm’s link with Bright Moments is fairly straightforward and rooted in community.

“We align with the idea of bringing different experiences, art forms, and people together,” he said. “Both our teams are constantly on the forefront of new ideas and ways to engage our consumers.”

Gotham is among a handful of licensed cannabis dispensaries in the Big Apple, yet it also offers lifestyle products in areas like beauty and fashion. Beyond showcasing NFTs, the location uses its

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