Cannabis and NFT? Live minting hosted at NYC Dispensary – Crypto Daily

NFT art gallery Bright Moments held its live minting event at the Gotham store, one of New York City’s “luxury” cannabis dispensaries. 

Where Art Is Born

Bright Moments is a digital art gallery which started as a group of volunteers in Venice Beach, California, and is now promoting its generative art experiences all over the world. The company is currently on their ten city tour around the world with the aim to mint 10k NFTs of their CryptoCitizens collection in different parts of the planet. Bright Moments has already held their live IRL minting events in Berlin, London, Mexico City, Tokyo, among other cities on the list. “Where Art Is Born” is the slogan of the DAO.

Premium Cannabis and Digital Art at New York’s Gotham

Last year, the state of New York legalized the sale of cannabis for recreational use. Gotham is considered one of the first and most luxury cannabis dispensaries open in New York City. Apart from marijuana, the store sells lifestyle products in the areas of beauty and fashion. Gotham’s mezzanine space is used for hosting events including karaoke nights, LGBTQ pride parties, and the live NFT minting events.

On Tuesday, July 25, Bright Moments’ artist-in-residence,

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