Cannabis business awarded license for recreational dispensary in Morristown – New Jersey Hills

MORRISTOWN – The mayor and council approved a resolution on Tuesday, May 24 allowing Uma Flowers, a recreational cannabis business, to set up a dispensary at 102 Ridgedale Ave.

Council President Stefan Armington was the only one to abstain in an otherwise unanimous vote. When reached for comment, Armington said he chooses not to comment on why he voted that way.

According to Business Administrator Jillian Barrick, the Town Council originally decided to have two cannabis license approvals, one for recreational, and one for medical. Now only one is approved, and the second one remains in limbo.

All six applications the town council received were for recreational businesses, so the council only approved one recreational license, discarding the second one. According to Barrick, there is currently no decision on a second license approval and no decision on whether that license would be medical or recreational.

In determining which of the six applicants would receive a home in Morristown, the council had a tie vote between Uma Flowers and Summit Cannabis. Barrick said the tie was broken based on location and score. Uma Flowers proposed a better location in town and had a higher score during the score sheet

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