Cannabis commission faces some pushback on regs – Martha's Vineyard Times

Britte McBride, right, commissioner of the cannabis control commission, speaks with Christine Baily, left, general counsel. The commissioner held a public forum on new regulations Friday in West Tisbury. — Gabrielle Mannino

Representatives of the Cannabis Control Commission held a final public hearing on Martha’s Vineyard on Thursday at the West Tisbury Library.  The lightly attended, 20-minute event at the was the final Island stop of an extensive public outreach campaign by the commission that began last fall.

Following the same protocol of the Oct. 17 public hearing, commission members — general counsel Christine Baily and commissioner Britte McBride — took public comment but did not answer questions.

Commissioners received a warm welcome, with several commenters giving kudos for the commission’s work to date.

Aja Atwood, of Mashpee, co-founder of Trella Technologies, complimented the commission on its public outreach efforts.

“The public drafted this document, this is what we voted for,” she said, referring to the 100-page draft of proposed regulations that the commission has written over the course of its public listening tour. Atwood suggested there is room for improvement in the area of testing, and that regulations should be set and managed by a third party. “Test results should not go to the cultivators without any form of oversight,” she said. “We need to ensure all products that are received are safe.”
Atwood also addressed local opposition to legalization, which has cropped up frequently. “To those who created a petition campaign to scrap the regulations, mainly on Cape Cod, stating that ‘the draft goes beyond what the people of Massachusetts voted for,’ I beg to differ,” she said. “The people who attended previous public hearings and wrote letters and emails, they are the ones who drafted this document.”

Kaylea Moore, legislative liaison for Martha’s Vineyard for state

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