Cannabis company plans Jefferson Street dispensary in Joliet – The Herald-News

Joliet — Emerald Coast wants to open a cannabis dispensary at the old Bakers Square restaurant on Jefferson Street.

The company’s application for a special use permit needed to operate a dispensary will go to the Joliet Zoning Board of Appeals for a hearing and recommendation on July 21 and then to the City Council for a vote.

Emerald Coast is an Illinois company that will partner with Justice Cannabis Co., which operates in several states, according to the permit application to the city.

The dispensary if approved would operate under the name Bloc, a brand name used by Justice Cannabis Co. in Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Utah, according to the company website. There are no Bloc stores in Illinois now, although the website says they are coming soon.

It would be the first cannabis dispensary on Jefferson Street, although a number of have been looking.

City staff last year sought a reduction in the 250-foot setback distance required between a dispensary and residential property in Joliet after potential dispensaries looking at Jefferson Street locations found it too restrictive.

Much of the commercial property along Jefferson Street borders residential neighborhoods.

But the

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