Cannabis Confidential: A lack of the clones – Worcester Mag

If you’ve ever considered attempting to grow your own cannabis, or have read about the science behind cannabis cultivation, you’ve probably heard about clones. While cloning sounds like something you would need a fancy laboratory and a PhD to pull off, in the cannabis space, a clone is simply a cutting from a plant (known as the mother) that is planted using a particular process to encourage the cutting to grow roots and begin to turn into a plant of its own. By using clones, cannabis growers cut down the amount of time it takes to grow a plant and guarantee that the plant they are growing is a near genetic match to the plant from which it came.

While cannabis companies in Massachusetts are allowed to sell clones to customers, few dispensaries took the opportunity to do so. This changed last August, when one of the largest cannabis companies in the country announced that they were going to launch a pilot program to begin selling clones in one of their stores in Massachusetts.