Cannabis dispensaries impacted by product hold throughout Mississippi – WDAM

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) – Cream Cannabis Company owner Jason Corban called this product hold “disheartening” and “detrimental” as he expects to give his customers clean medicine at all times.

He explains how negative this hold has been, with hopes of positive news soon.

”More than 80% of our items that should be out on the shelf are now in our vault room. Locked up.”

Jason Korban opened up Cream Cannabis Company on April 21st and has successfully provided those in the metro with medicine since.

But things changed when the Mississippi State Department of Health issued its initial hold on December 21st for nearly 70% of medical cannabis products throughout the state.

The hold was put in place to pull all products tested by Rapid Analytics after the agency received a tip that the firm mishandled pesticide tests.

The Department of Health is now overseeing the retesting.

The department’s spokesperson Greg Flynn talks about the future of this process.

“It is a hold and retest, not a recall. So, there’s no reason right now to say that the products are bad or dangerous. They just need to be retested. And so, as they are cleared as they do the retesting, they’ll go back on the shelves at the

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