Cannabis dispensary grand opening by disabled veteran in Oneonta, NY amidst legal controversy – FOX 5 New York

Judge extends temporary pause on dispensary licenses

FOX 5 NY’s Sharon Crowley has the details on the lawsuit.

NEW YORK – Disabled veteran Korey Rowe will open “Dosha” his cannabis dispensary in Oneonta, upstate New York this weekend. 

He was able to qualify for one of the coveted licenses from the New York state because he also has a prior conviction for a past marijuana-related offense. 

However, he told FOX 5 NY’s Sharon Crowley he still supports a group of other disabled veterans who are suing the state of New York.

They claim their constitutional rights are being violated by the state’s cannabis program which prioritizes retail licenses for people with past marijuana convictions. 

“They have been continuously pushed back and said, you know, we’re going to get to you, we’re going to get to you. And eventually, the veterans got upset, and they got tired of waiting, and they said, you know, we’re not going to wait anymore, and so they put out this lawsuit,” Rowe said. 

The Veteran’s lawsuit is the latest setback in the New York state cannabis rollout. 

A State Supreme Court judge is now temporarily restricting the office of cannabis management from giving out any more

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