Cannabis dispensary made out of shipping containers opens in Michigan – Detroit Metro Times

click to enlarge Courtesy photo The Grassy Knoll dispensary in Muskegon is made out of repurposed shipping containers.
A new dispensary in Muskegon claims to be the first in Michigan to be made from repurposed shipping containers.

Named Grassy Knoll, the dispensary will have a grand opening from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 20.

Co-owner Janet Tombrey says they chose to build it out of shipping containers because her stepson’s construction company specializes in using repurposed shipping containers for construction.

“We had always kind of talked about that, so it was kind of a family deal,” she says. “Plus, we’d like how they looked, and they’re made out of steel, and we just kind of want that wanted that modern vibe as well.”

Tombrey says the company started with a CBD boutique in Grand Rapids and soon decided to apply for licenses to sell recreational and medical marijuana.

She says the company wound up moving to Muskegon Heights due to what she describes as easier to navigate cannabis laws there.

Regarding the name, Tombrey admits she doesn’t quite remember how they decided on it, but acknowledges that

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