Cannabis dispensary works to 'Elevate' Lindsay downtown, city coffers – Foothills Sun Gazette

Downstairs, the dispensary will have five point of sale systems to help move traffic in and out. Upstairs the lounge will include several tables and areas for relaxing, or hosting large events as well as a private room where small events can be held. There will also be a stage where live performers can come and share their talent with the audience. Caron said the idea is to have live music, comedy shows or a DJ for guests. There will be prepackaged snacks and beverages available as well as serving staff. Near the food and beverage area is where you would find, “ancillary use items to consume cannabis. So a pipe, a vape, a bong, there’s a million different products that you can use. Glassware, we call them,” Caron said.

Something that is unique to this dispensary, Caron explained, is there will be an area where customers can view the cultivation process through large heavily secured glass walls.

The city is hopeful that updating this old building will inspire others in the vicinity. Tanner said the city is in the early stages of working with consultants to create a downtown vision plan to help give downtown a facelift. He said

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