Cannabis-friendly hotels target high-end travelers – Travel Weekly

Though the cannabis legalization movement in the U.S. has spawned plenty of “bud and breakfasts” and weed-friendly, budget hotels, a handful of boutique hoteliers are targeting the high-end cannabis traveler — no pun intended.

Expansion at the sector’s more premium end comes as the number of Americans interested in cannabis-related travel has swelled, according to Brian Applegarth, founder of the Cannabis Travel Association and Cultivar Brands, a strategic marketing agency specializing in the cannabis industry.

In early 2020, just prior to the pandemic, Cultivar partnered with MMGY Travel Intelligence to analyze the burgeoning cannabis traveler segment. They discovered that 29% of all active leisure travelers in the U.S. could be identified as being part of a growing “cannabis-motivated travel audience.”

Findings from a recent pandemic-era survey, released this summer, indicate that the size of that audience has increased to 37% of all active leisure travelers, with Gen Z and millennial travelers, in particular, reporting overwhelming interest in engaging in at least one cannabis-related activity while on vacation.

“There’s also this sophisticated kind of connoisseur” that’s emerging, said Applegarth. “And the data shows, if you look at the median and mean household incomes, the cannabis-interested audience has a very compelling profile

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