Cannabis Insiders Offer Their 420 Munchie Recommendations

Thursday is April 20, a day infinitely familiar to cannabis enthusiasts as “420.”

But while the wacky tobacky is the focus of this particular hangover holiday, fact is, figuring out what to eat after getting high provides ample food for thought for stoners.

Some fast food outlets are hoping to get the cannabis crowd with special deals, such as Jack in the Box, which is selling a “Pineapple Express” shake that is named after both a cannabis strain and a Seth Rogen pot comedy.


Meanwhile, the southern California burger chain Fattburger has teamed up with Kiva Confections to make a ketchup that contains 10 mg of cannabis that is being sold at The Artist Tree, a cannabis retail and consumption lounge based in the state.

Cannabis companies are getting into the act in strange new ways as well.

Tsumo Snacks just introduced two collaborations with chef Roy Choi: cannabis-enhanced puffs flavored like ramen and spaghetti and meatballs that CEO Caroline Yeh hopes will become a munchie staple.

“The best munchies combine different textures, so anything crunchy and soft go together really well, like a really well crafted Caesar salad,” she said. “Or like Roy Choi recommends, after eating our spaghetti and meatball puffs,

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