Cannabis on Canvas – Highlighting the Beauty of Flower

CANNABIS CULTURE – Tracy Pshyk is a self-taught artist from Kelowna, BC, whose photorealistic paintings are capturing attention by highlighting the beauty of cannabis flower.  

“I’ve been an artist my whole life,” Pshyk told Cannabis Culture in a recent interview.  “Even when I was a little kid, I was drawing all over everything and myself.”

For many years, Pshyk created her art as a fun passion project.  Her talents came naturally, describing herself as coming from an extremely artistic family that includes tattoo artists and interior designers.  

Pshyk loves all her art, but says Stella is likely her favourite piece

In the past few years, she has transformed her talents into a business she calls Snow and Swirl Artistry, which includes not only her paintings, but other mediums such as clay houseplant décor and pendulum boards.  

“I love my painting, but my personal aesthetic is a little weirder,” Pshyk explained while talking about her other forms of art.  “I love anything weird and psychedelic – that’s how I got into little fairy houses and mushroom incense holders.”

“There’s my super technical side, and then a crazy fun side that even more doesn’t

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