Cannabis Pineapple Punch

I found this punch in a recipe tin from the Long Beach Antique Market, then added cannabis to make it even better. Hidden alongside a plethora of casserole recipes, what drew me to this recipe was the addition of sherbet—retro to the max.

Cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc.) are fat-soluble, so the Everclear called for in this recipe acts as a solvent to strip the plant resins from the cannabis flower. The resin suspends in the alcohol tincture, while the addition of fat (via the sherbet) helps the body to fully absorb the cannabinoids.

The most efficient way to make a tincture at home involves using a whipped cream canister. Tincture potency varies, but the nitrous oxide in a canister increases efficiency three-folds. Whenever crossfading (combining alcohol and cannabis), I like to keep the alcohol light; so for an even more concentrated tincture (and to use less alcohol in the final drink), heat the tincture over the stove on low and reduce to half of its volume.

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