Cannabis Reg Update: Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Fined, Denver’s Weed-Friendly Ghost Tour & M – Benzinga

Colorado: Denver’s First Cannabis-Friendly Ghost Tour

This October, every Wednesday, the Cannabis Experience mobile lounge will drive passengers via Denver’s most “haunted parts” and less-known places. The weed touch? The lounge will first stop at the dispensary for gearing up.

The Dark & Dank Side of Denver is a partnership between Dark Side of Denver Tours, the Cannabis Experience, and Native Roots dispensaries.

Smoking weed usually doesn’t end well for characters in scary movies, but you’ll find safety in numbers during Denver’s first cannabis-friendly ghost tour.

“I’m very interested and intrigued in how it will play out. I think there can be elements of open-mindedness that occur, and an openness — maybe into the spirit realm,” ghost tour guide Rachel Beckemeyer told Westword.” Maybe they’re more in tune. Cannabis could add to the element, for sure. Our intention isn’t to scare anyone, but it happens. Things happen on this tour sometimes that you just can’t explain.”

Ohio: Marijuana Legalization Initiative Favored In Several Polls

The majority of adult Ohioans are in favor of a citizen’s initiated measure to legalize the possession, home cultivation and retail sale of marijuana for 21 or older, reported Norml. This August, the Ohio Ballot Board approved ballot language for a proposal to legalize recreational marijuana that

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