Cannabis stores in Los Angeles are booming. Here are our faves: – Los Angeles Blade

If you’re buying cannabis there’s a 75 percent chance that it was grown in California. Humboldt County alone has many as 15,000 private growers and those 15,000 farms, 2,300 have applied for permits, and of those just 91 have been granted permits. (Photo Tammy Jane)

Whether you’re a seasoned dispensary customer, or a recreational newbie, since weed became legal in California, finding the right store can be tricky.

Just as any brick-and-mortar store, there are some that are more appealing and efficient than others.
The success or failure of one store or another can depend on a few variables – location, variety of merchandise, and of course, the quality and care of its employees.

When it comes down to it, cannabis is still medicine for a lot of people. And dispensary workers or bud-tenders should be knowledgeable enough to help you navigate varietals and assist you in finding the right items at the correct potency — whether you smoke, vape or enjoy edibles or oils.

In alphabetical order, here’s our list of some of Los Angeles’ best dispensaries, keeping in mind quality, offerings and the conscientiousness of employees.

Buddha Collective
440 1/2 N La Cienega
West Hollywood, CA 90048

Membership has its privileges at Buddha Collective. This shop offers its members who are able to grow cannabis, a channel to share their bounty with other members. Members with a desire to learn the grow business can access the expertise of Buddha Collective.

Exhale Med Center
Serving Los Angeles and the Surrounding Area

Exhale Med Center is owned by Dmtry Muzychuk, a USC law student when he first launched the shop. He told LA Weekly that he got into the cannabis business because he believes it can “change people’s lives.”
The dispensary is said to cater to patient referrals from physicians working at Cedars-Sinai Medical.

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