Cannabis-Tech Inventor Prepared For Boom

CANNABIS CULTURE – To match the projected $92 billion tax revenue from cannabis sales into US economy, one innovator sees the need for a leap in technology to help independent companies prosper.

“When I started looking at the equipment that was being made for the industry, I could see really quickly that it was mostly not very conscientious,” says GreenBroz Founder Cullen Raichart, who’s inventions have revolutionized post-harvest processing. “It wasn’t designed to take care of the bud, it was designed to give a finished product.”

Raichart started out of his garage in early 2012, where he invented a tumbling machine for a friend after he watched him hand-sifting trim to get kief. Raichart eventually  patented his machine, but soon realized there was a lot more need for innovation in the trimming sector, so he set to work inventing trimming machines.

“I do think from a technical standpoint, there could be problems with certain strains, or certain bud structures not being amenable to that sort of treatment,” says Chris Winn, founder of New York-based Winn Horticultural. “There could just be some really loose, fox-tail looking sativa that if you put the bud in there it just gets destroyed.” 

With legalization

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