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It’s midweek, which means it’s time for another cannabis watch article! Today, we are going to be looking at three specific cannabis stocks, all of which found themselves trading in the green today.

Canadian Cannabis Stocks | The Latest; May 16, 2018 Canntab Therapeutics (CNSX:PILL)

According to Google Finance, as of 3:59 p.m. EDT, Canntab Therapeutics was trading at $1.10. This put the PILL stock up 10%. Canntab Therapeutics has a market cap of less than 1 billion, sitting at 633.49K.

There is no news as to why Canntab shot up today — at least, nothing specific was announced today. It could be because of what was announced yesterday, though. Either way, Canntab Therapeutics reached a new 52-week high today. As for yesterday, the Canadian cannabis company announced that it has engaged CFN Media Group (a Seattle-based company) to lead an investor program. The program will last roughly three months.

Cannabis Wheaton (CVE:CBW)

Cannabis Wheaton was last seen trading at $1.66, according to Google Finance. This puts the CBW stock up 1.22%. As yet another Canadian company with a market cap of less than one billion, Cannabis Wheaton currently has a market cap of 733.42 million.

Cannabis Wheaton had a big day yesterday, so that is a likely explanation for why the cannabis stock found itself in the green zone today. On Tuesday, Cannabis Wheaton provided an update on its joint venture with Ontario-based FV Pharma. The company disclosed that it had chosen a design builder, naming Cornerstone Builders Ltd.

CannaRoyalty Corp (CNSX:CRZ)

According to Google Finance, as of 4:00 p.m. EDT, CannaRoyalty was trading at $5.15. This puts the stock up 1.98%. Like the other two cannabis stocks on this list, CannaRoyalty has a market cap of less than a billion. The company is sitting at 237.40 million.

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