CannaBiz: New Mexico Poison Center, dispensaries prepare for childproofing recreational marijuana – KOB

When they looked at children under five, calls increased 22 times.

“The kids who explore and get into accidental things are usually one to two year olds. Children are very curious, and especially if things are packaged and smell or taste like candy, kids are going to be attracted to them. So it’s incumbent on the parent to keep them safe by keeping these products out of reach,” said Smolinske. 

A quick Google search shows just how colorful and similar that packaging can be to food you can find at the grocery store, whether it’s chips or chocolate.

“Kids developed different symptoms that are much more likely to be so lethargic that they need to have a tube down the throat to help them breathe. It’s not uncommon to have kids need to be in the intensive care unit after a marijuana exposure,” Smolinske said. 

So at Everest Cannabis Co. they’ve been thinking ahead.

“You have to pull up the tab and break it open in order to get the top off and then it opens like a can,” said Trishelle Kirk, CEO of Everest Cannabis Co.  

“It’s just the right thing to do,” Kirk said. “Nobody wants kids to

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