Carson City could see two additional cannabis dispensaries with commission recommendation | Carson City Nevada News – Carson Now

by Kelsey Penrose

During Wednesday’s Carson City Planning Commission meeting, a lengthy discussion was held regarding whether or not the commission should recommend to the Board of Supervisors the acceptance of an additional cannabis retail store.

In Nevada, recreational cannabis was legalized in 2016, and dispensary allotments were based on population and were generally given to already established medical-marijuana dispensaries, such as Carson City’s RISE and Sierra Well.

By state regulation, Carson City was allowed two medical dispensaries and up to four retail cannabis dispensaries, but Carson City soon enacted their own ordinance limiting the number to two total dispensaries.

According to Will Addler, who spoke as a representative for both RISE and Sierra Well, it was the city’s position at that time that there would never be any additional dispensaries allotted in the capital city.

However, opinions may have shifted, as the Board of Supervisors asked the Planning Commission for a recommendation on allowing curbside pickup and/or drive through services, as well as to make a recommendation on how many total dispensaries should be allotted.

At the beginning of the meeting, the number being discussed was one additional dispensary, bringing the total

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