High Times, Pot’s Most Established Brand, is Going Public

There’s big news on High Times’ march toward an initial public stock offering. Investors are now being offered a chance to buy a piece of Hightimes Media Corp. as part of a IPO equity crowdfunding campaign, under the SEC’s Regulation A+ (Reg A) process.

The Reg A share price will be set at $11, a ten percent discount from the anticipated opening price on Nasdaq. New to investing? No brokerage account will be needed to buy shares in the legacy brand—just a visit to hightimes.com/invest.

High Times Chief Executive Officer Adam Levin explained the decision to crowdfund before the company’s official market debut.

“We’re making history by becoming one of the first cannabis-focused companies publicly traded on the Nasdaq.”

“It was important to me that this offering be open to anyone interested in joining this historic team, not just to those with brokerage accounts,” said Levin. “We’re making history by becoming one of the first cannabis-focused companies publicly traded on the Nasdaq. We got here in no small part because of our incredible audience, who have been supporting this iconic brand for decades.”

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Pot Company Uses Proceeds to Help Kids Taken From Undocumented Parents

A cannabis company in Oregon has teamed up with a dispensary to help kids taken from undocumented parents. Leif Goods will donate $1 for each of its chocolate bars sold at Farma during the next week. In the last six weeks, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has separated nearly 2,000 migrant children from their parents.

Carrie Solomon and Jody Ake own cannabis edibles and topicals manufacturer Leif Goods in Portland. Solomon told High Times that she and her partner wanted to do something to help the kids.

“We feel strongly that this policy is stepping past a border of decency and humanity, and feel compelled to step up to create awareness and financial support to those who can be on the ground assisting in a tangible manner,” Solomon said.

Solomon also explained the program is an easy way for people to come together in a positive way. For every cannabis-infused chocolate bar Farma sells between June 18-24, Leif Goods will donate a buck to help the children.

“It’s simple,” she said. “We wanted to do something to help, and also be able to empower others to feel like they were contributing. This is why we are simply donating $1 from each sale of our chocolate bars being sold at Portland-based Farma for this week. We will track sales via Metrc to ensure accuracy and transparency.”

Solomon said that Leif Goods will donate the money to the group Kids in Need of Defense. The nonprofit organization provides legal representation to undocumented children appearing in immigration court.

Leif Goods produces several varieties of vegan artisanal chocolate bars with fair trade organic chocolate. Varieties of cannabis-infused creations include mint hibiscus and peanut butter and jelly.

‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy Separating Families, Kids Held In Cages

In May, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Trump administration had

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Marijuana Possession, Cultivation Become Legal in Vermont in Less than Two Weeks

On July 1, Vermont will officially become the ninth U.S. state where it’s legal for those 21 and older to possess marijuana for personal use.

The new law – which was signed by Governor Phil Scott in January – will also make Vermont the eighth state where it’s legal to cultivate marijuana for personal use, and the first to do so through state lawmakers (rather than a citizen’s initiative). Specifically, the law allows those 21 and older to grow up to two mature, and four immature plants in a private residence. The possession limit is set at an ounce, although the limit doesn’t apply to marijuana harvested from personally grown plants, as long as it remains stored on-site (in other words someone can grow and possess, say, four ounces, but they can’t leave their house with more than an ounce).

Unfortunately Vermont’s law doesn’t authorize marijuana retail outlets. This makes Vermont the only state where marijuana possession has been legalized that doesn’t allow marijuana stores. However, marijuana advocates continue to push lawmakers to allow such businesses, and are hopeful that lawmakers will get on board in the near future.

On July 1 Vermont will join Washington,  Colorado, Oregon,

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Devils Lettuce: Inside the World’s First Pro Skater–Run Legal Weed Company

How metal-loving skateboarders Jerry Gurney, Chris Gregson and Co. are revolutionizing the game.

Blood Wizard skate team pro Jerry Gurney used to pass his time in Yuba City, California, with a not-so-typical routine. “I wake up, take a nice long piss, get real tweaked out on coffee, and then spend the day trimming weed,” he says, looking back.

When he wasn’t out skating for glory with his Blood Wizard brethren, Gurney earned his keep by spending long hours each day hunched over a table with scissors in one hand and marijuana in the other. His work was tedious, but it paid well. “I’m out there hustling and getting that money,” says the charismatic skater, who is known not only for his gnarly tricks but also his passionate heavy-metal proselytizing and spot-on King Diamond shrieks. Weed trimmers can make anywhere between $100 and $500 cash each day, depending on the speed of their handiwork — and Gurney is a self-proclaimed world-class trimmer. But a recent and fortuitous run-in with 707 Holdings, Corp. founder Kyle Walton has brought an end to Gurney’s blue-collar days of manicuring ganja. In fact, nearly overnight, Gurney’s job title jumped from weed trimmer on a pot farm

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Former Mexico President Vicente Fox Joins High Times Board

Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox, a longtime champion of cannabis legalization, has joined the board of High Times. Fox’s addition to the High Times board brings a prominent global leader to the company at a time when acceptance of cannabis is rapidly growing worldwide—with countries such as Uruguay and Canada having fully legalized marijuana use and the U.S. following suit, state by state.

“At a time when nearly two-thirds of the United States have legalized some form of cannabis, and the U.S. Congress is considering giving all states control over legalization decisions, this is the right time to invest in the business of cannabis,” said Fox.

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Smoking Weed Legally Could Still Get You Fired

Weed legalization in Canada is going to have a profound effect on the workplace and will likely lead to lawsuits over dismissals, experts tell VICE.

Eric Madore was relieved. The 28-year-old Collingwood, Ontario resident had finally landed a job that was manageable given his many health issues, including severe liver disease. But he’d only been working a day as a school bus driver when he said he was fired over his choice of medication.

Madore is a medical cannabis user—licensed under Health Canada. He suffers from an autoimmune disorder that has resulted in primary sclerosing cholangitis, a chronic liver disease for which he’s had two liver transplants. He has had his colon removed. Madore uses cannabis to help with pain and stomach issues as well as anxiety and depression.

“For my mental issues, it calms me down, it relaxes me,” Madore told VICE.

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Ny’s Top Health Official Wants to Legalize Marijuana

Another barrier to legal pot just went up in smoke.

The state’s top health official said Monday that he’s going to recommend the legalization of marijuana in a report to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“We looked at the pros. We looked at the cons and when we were done, we realized that the pros outweighed the cons and the report recommends that a regulated, legal marijuana program be available to adults in the state of New York,” Health Commissioner Howard Zucker said at an event in Brooklyn.

“I will finalize that report soon and bring it to the governor.”

– Read the entire article at New York Post.

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Robotic Cranes, Genetic Libraries and Activated Oil: How the Cannabis Industry Is Redefining Hi-tech

Canada’s marijuana companies are becoming known for developing best practices for a nascent industry that, if they do it right, could leave them well-positioned to dominate around the globe

At first blush, the Canopy Growth Corp. operation in Smiths Falls, Ont., doesn’t look especially high tech. The building is an old industrial pile that used to be a Hershey chocolate factory and it was until recently at risk of being demolished.

But today, past the tastefully decorated lobby and the biosecurity barriers, the factory’s rooms are full of bright green marijuana plants under even brighter white lights, with little irrigation hoses snaking in between the pots.

It looks like what you probably think a marijuana grow-op should look like, but then Jordan Sinclair points out “the birdhouse” hanging from the ceiling, in a room where no bird should ever, ever be.

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Medical Marijuana Drive-Thru Coming to Florida

Medical marijuana patients will have a new option to get their pot.

Curaleaf, which has pot retail outlets in Miami-Dade and Lake Worth, will be adding a new store with a drive-thru option in Palm Harbor just northwest of Tampa. The company says it’s the first dispensary in Florida with a drive-thru.

The marijuana dispensary will open Tuesday and have a ribbon cutting at the store, 35388 US Highway 19 North, Palm Harbor.

The idea behind the drive-thru is to make it easier for patients who may have physical challenges getting into the store because of their disabilities and medical conditions, said Lindsay Jones, president of Curaleaf Florida.

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Marijuana Legalization Bill Back in Senate’s Hands

The House of Commons has sent Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act, back to the Senate after voting to pass a message stating it would accept some, but not all of the Upper Chamber’s proposed amendments.

The bill is now in the hands of senators to debate how they feel about the federal government saying thanks but no thanks to some of the Senate’s more robust recommendations.

Last week, Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor announced that the government accepts 26 largely technical proposed amendments to the legislation.

– Read the entire article at CTV News.

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