Cautious Relief As South Africa Directs ‘Cannabis Kids’ Away From Prison

CANNABIS CULTURE – From now until 2024, there’s a tight window-period whereby no South African child may be arrested, prosecuted, or diverted from society for possessing cannabis, and cannabis records of kids must be expunged, the country’s highest court has ordered.

There’s a caveat – the court’s verdict is not a laisse-faire license for kids to possess drugs, and
if parliament doesn’t create law to accommodate the court’s order, things may change. In 2019, four pupils at a school in Krugersdorp city in South Africa tested positive for cannabis during a routine school drug test. In the years that followed they were destined for prison and earning a criminal record. Last week South Africa’s constitutional court ruled that kids found in contact with cannabis can’t be put through the prosecution-to-prison system.

“It’s a landmark ruling,” says the mother of one 17-year-old boy who was slated for prosecution until last’s week judgment. The mother, the child, and the school cannot be named publicly by Cannabis Culture to guard the safety of the children.

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Before the 29th September verdict in South Africa’s constitutional court, police and prosecutors were eager to bring criminal charges to kids who tested positive for cannabis, kids found in possession of raw cannabis, or kids merely found

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