Children Are Safe From Legal Pot Dispensaries | Webster Kirkwood … – Webster-Kirkwood Times, Inc.

I decided to see what the fuss is all about and visit one of these “scary” new stores in another, obviously less cautious municipality. That’s right, I gathered my courage and walked into a cannabis dispensary! Not only was it obvious that innocent children are not being exposed to reefer madness there, the place was as secure as Fort Knox. 

Hash haters in Kirkwood and Des Peres need to get over themselves. Recreational weed is legal in most states including Missouri, and approved by a majority of voters! But these THC-totalers are agitated because kids will be able to get weed in highly-regulated, efficiently-run stores with high-tech ID scanners?

Local children and teens are getting harder drugs at their (public and private) schools, and liquor at any number of places (mainly, their parents’ unlocked cabinets). But they won’t get a milligram of anything mind-altering from a legal dispensary. If these pot pearl-clutchers spent as much time worrying about local gun regulations as they do legal cannabis sales, we’d all be a lot better off.

Kathy Schrenk


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