Chocolate, Tea, and Weed Cupcakes Will Satisfy Your Morning Munchies

There’s matcha pleasure to be had in these oil-infused chocolate treats.

Chef Karin Lazarus, author of Sweet Mary Jane and mastermind behind Denver’s most beloved cannabis bakery, combines dark chocolate, matcha, and sweet adzuki for a mean, green, weed cupcake. Adzuki beans are a small red bean used in East Asian cuisine. When boiled with sugar or honey, they form a smooth red paste called anko that can be used in a variety of confec­tions, like these cannabis cupcakes. The devilishly rich chocolate cupcakes are topped with a matcha green tea frosting that gets its vibrant, verdant color from the finely milled powder. It tastes both rich and earthy, with a lingering sweetness.

Lazarus also shares her recipe for cannabis-infused coconut oil, which she calls Coconut Bliss, to any replace coconut oil in any given recipe. The oil can also be consumed on its own and many patients medicate by taking a spoonful every day (the size of the spoon determines the dosage). The amount of bud used determines the level of THC in finished desserts. Lazarus provides three levels of dosing.

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