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MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma – Muscogee (Creek) citizen Patricia Kaseca has been protesting the City Council of Muskogee’s decision to re-zone 5028 W. Okmulgee in order to operate a marijuana dispensary or a grow farm at this location.

Kaseca will attend a meeting that will decide to proceed with the rezone or to quit on Jan. 10.

It was sometime in August when Kaseca receive a notice from the City of Muskogee stating the property would be rezoned.

After attending a City Council meeting in September, Kaseca discovered the intentions of the city was to put in a dispensary at the site.

“I signed up to talk and told the council I was opposed to them putting a dispensary so close to my house,” Kaseca said. “Because of the odor and toxic chemicals that come out of these places.”

Kaseca went to City meetings regularly upholding her opposition along with others who live in the same neighborhood.

A local neighbor partnered with Kaseca to learn the city’s ordinances to see what they could find.

Kaseca claims the City of Muskogee is in violation of its own ordinances, specifically Article 16 – Medical Marijuana, Section 22-675 and Section 22-676.

In her interpretation of

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