Closing Circles (How Cannabis Grow Waste Helps Feed The Hungry)

CANNABIS CULTURE –  Pioneer medical cannabis grower gives away coconut coir waste as a soil supplement for healthy vegetable gardens in poor townships.

“We call it closing circles,” Dina Zollman, project manager of MedCan, tells Cannabis Culture of her company’s work in blooming township communal vegetable gardens. 

MedCan is one of the first and only fully indoor licensed medical cannabis cultivators in South Africa. Their unique product, Isando, says Zollman, is grown, dried, hand trimmed, and packed at our indoor facility and then exported to patients around the world. 

The use of coco-based media is commonplace in both commercial and recreational cannabis production for several different reasons. Coconut coir is essentially coconut fibers that are generated as a waste product through the processing of coconut products. So, the medium is a mixture of coconut fibers and perlite – expanded volcanic rock, Zollman explained. The advantage of mixing coco coir medium and regular soil to grow vegetables are numerous: better moisture retention, better aeration, better drainage, increase in cation exchange capacity, increase in viable habits/environment for beneficial microbes. Perlite also aids in aeration, increasing the carbon load of soil, creating better-textured soils, and increasing micro and macro pore sizes. 


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