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Central New York’s first legal cannabis dispensary opened Friday in Armory Square.

Flower, vapes, prerolls and cannabis beverages are just some of the products on display at FlynnStoned Cannabis Company. Customers must be 21 years or older. They will need to show their id several times — at security before entering the building, on the ground floor at check-in and again on the check-out floor. The id will be scanned to ensure customers do not buy more than the allotted amount allowed by New York State.

Ava Pukatch



Some Ayrloom brand gummies and beverages available at FlynnStoned Cannabis Company

Assistant Manager Catrina Aiello said budtenders, similar to a bartender, will be available to help guide customers through the different products in the dispensary.

“If you’re comfortable inhaling or smoking or vaping the product, we start there,” Aiello said. “If you’re not too comfortable with inhalants, we go over some of the ingestible options. We have drinks now and we have gummies, like gelatin-based products. We have really an assortment of different things.”

Customers peruse the products in glass cases throughout the showroom. They then let the cashier know what they are interested in

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